ioa studio is an architecture practice that provides a hands-on approach to design and believes in learning through making. We strive to bring a sense of warmth and playfulness to our projects that also reflects the personalities of our clients. At ioa studio, we embed sustainability and passive design principles into all of our projects. We also engage in research based design and teaching.


Amy Bracks
Master of Architecture (Hons)
Bachelor of Environments (Hons)

Amy enjoys working on a broad range of projects, from the small scale to large urban research projects. She is involved in all stages of a project and works closely with the clients, builders and consultants to ensure that the design, brief, budget and program are all met. Amy also contributes broadly to the profession through teaching roles and research. Amy founded ioa studio in 2016.

Amy is a registered Architect in Victoria.

Mia Fleming
Student of Architecture
Bachelor of Architectural Design
Graduate Diploma of Arts History

Mia joined ioa studio in 2018 and is a highly valued member of the team. She engages closely with the design and development of projects. In addition to her role at ioa studio, Mia is very active within the profession, through teaching and her involvement with the Architecture Lobby. Mia is also a co-creator of Lens, a project asking writers to explore contemporary buildings anew through exploratory themes.


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