Hoa’s House
North Melbourne

In collaboration with Miles Ritzmann-Williams Built by: Macca
Photography: Tom Ross

Hoa's House is the conversion of the 150 year old Kings Arms Hotel in North Melbourne into a three bedroom home. The existing two level office space was stripped back and transformed into a three story home, with plenty of storage and nooks for the clients extensive collection of furniture and objects. Curves and material changes divide up the awkward, tiny plan.

Habitus Living
The Design Files
Green Magazine
Architectural Digest (Germany)

Bus Projects

In collaboration with Jimi Connor Built by: Bus Projects & ioa studio
Photography: Christo Crocker

Design, fabrication and construction of exhibition display for the 6th Bus Projects Edition Exhibition, a major fundraising exhibition of limited edition artworks by over 30 emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Invert 3.0 Mini Living

In collaboration with
Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

Photography:  Tess Kelly
This proposal, ‘outHOUSE’, imagines a dwelling that can adapt and change with you through time. The overarching idea is to design only the framework or support structures of the house, providing the essential infrastructure (bathroom, kitchen, laundry and stairwell) and have the occupants fill in the rest as they require, exploring the notion of 'infrastructure as a generator'. The traditional concept of laneways as service spaces is flipped it to imagine them as habitable social spaces. A reinterpretation of the granny flat typology, outHOUSE targets first home buyers, designing a framework that puts the users in control of the building process and programming of spaces.

Green Magazine

Folks House

Interior design by: Lisa Keddie
Built by: BFC Built

The renovation and fit out of a grand heritage house in Williamstown. The brief was to bring more light into the dark, cavernous house and provide a direct connection between the garden and the living spaces within tight heritage controls. The resulting design acts to restore and reinvigorate the existing dwelling, creating a diversity of spaces, small and large for the clients and their family to enjoy and expand in.

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Cypress House

In collaboration with Donald Gallagher

Cypress House is an alteration and addition of a single storey house on a corner block in Williamstown. The proposed addition works with the existing fabric of the site as it slips in under the existing roofline while taking formal cues from the existing roof pitch. The proposal is a modest, eco addition for the clients to retire into. The timber cladding to the addition has all been sourced from old growth Cypress trees on a farm in regional Victoria, where the client grew up.

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Country House & Clinic
Swan Hill
Residential & Commercial

Located in Swan Hill, Country House is conceived as three pavilions, connected through functional links. Each ‘pavilion’ has a specific use and allows for a flow of public to private spaces, accommodating a growing young family and home office clinic.
The design takes cues from rural sheds and responds to the landscape and climate context in which it sits.

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